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Infant Sleep Support

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For the mama in need of sleep guidance on how to handle the ups and downs of infanthood or who needs more support and direction on how to get their baby to sleep after the newborn stage.

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Growth spurts, teething and regressions... OH MY!

Have you heard the saying “I slept like a baby?” Well, whoever said that never had an actual baby to put to sleep! Whether you are in need of some sleep guidance on how to handle the many ups-and-downs of babyhood or you are still struggling to get your baby to sleep after the newborn stage, this is the place for you!

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It’s No Wonder You And Your Little One Are So Tired…

If losing sleep was not enough, now your baby is going through growth spurts, teething, regressions and constant cognitive and physical developments! 

No wonder your little one AND you are so tired! But what if I told you that you can help your little one through all of these bumps in the road while still gaining some more zzz’s?

Provide An Optimal Sleep-Environment For Your Infant


Evidence-Based Infant Sleep Support

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Basic Infant & Baby Package

For the DIY mama who wants all of the info and details, but minimal support.

Essential Infant & Baby Package

For the mama who is overwhelmed and in need of some immediate guidance and hand-holding support.

Ultimate Infant & Baby Package

For the mama that is at her wits end and in desperate need of all things sleep support.

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Within a week, my baby could put himself to sleep and his constant fussiness disappeared!
My newborn had just turned 8-weeks old when I found Amber on instagram. At this point, I was getting around 2 hrs of sleep a night and my baby was inconsolable! I reached out to her and I ended up taking the plunge into this sleep training thing. I am so thankful for all that Amber has done!
- Catherine

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These infant sleep support packages are here to help you…
– Navigate the most common do’s and donts of baby/infant sleep
– Set up a healthy foundation of sleep for your little one
– Provide evidence-based research on how babies sleep after the newborn stage
– Gain confidence as a parent
– Calm a fussy baby
– Form a flexible routine that is centered around your little one’s wake windows and your own schedule
– Practice safe-sleep while being able to bond with your baby
– Provide an optimal sleep-environment for your newborn

the reviews

Now they are sleeping through the night and are able to put themselves back to sleep independently.
Amber is absolutely amazing! She gave me the support and the courage I needed to sleep train both of my girls. Now they are sleeping through the night and are able to put themselves back to sleep independently. I’m amazed! Thank you Amber!
- Madison


I'm Amber, your new sleep consultant.

Hi mama! I’m Amber, a certified pediatric sleep consultant and NICU nurse. I am the proud mother of two kids, an infant and a toddler. 

I have not only had the opportunity to educate myself on all things related to newborn, infant and toddler sleep, but I also have experience connecting with and supporting families in the NICU setting that are going through the thick of it. 

With two kids under two, I also have experience in losing my own end of sleep. So, I know exactly how it feels to be in your shoes! 

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Basic Infant Package

$ 250 TOTAL
  • Intake Form Assessment
  • Personalized sleep guide
  • 60 minute 1:1 private consultation call
  • 3-Week follow up call to check progress
  • Sleep Survival Guide to tackle future sleep disturbances

essential Infant Package

$ 350 TOTAL
  • Everything from Basic+
  • 2 weeks of in-app direct messaging support
  • In-app sleep logging access
  • One 45-minute private phone call per week of support to go over sleep progress

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Ultimate Infant Package

$ 475 TOTAL
  • Everything from Essential+
  • Nursery Assessment (virtual)
  • One 4-hour shift of overnight sleep support (virtual) per week of support
  • 1 hour of nap sleep support (virtual) per week of support

frequently asked questions

Absolutely, YES! Studies show that at least 60-75% of parents will bed share at some point. Keeping this in mind, as a holistic sleep consultant, I take pride in making sure that I respect preferences and cultural norms such as bed sharing and approach every family with each of their needs in mind. However, my ultimate goal is to educate families on how to bed-share safely to reduce the risk of SIDS.

There are two things to keep in mind when it comes to teething:

The first thing is to make sure teething is actually occurring. At around 3 months of age, babies’ salivary glands start to develop which means they will often start to chew on their hands, and drool. People tend to think their baby is starting to cut a tooth, when in reality it is just a normal part of their development!

Once we know that teething is actually occurring, the second thing to keep in mind is how teething affects sleep. Studies have shown that teething causes no significant reductions in overall duration of sleep but a few days before a tooth erupts or on the day of eruption, sleep awakenings are more common.

After going over these two things, I always tell parents that sleep training can start when teething is occurring BUT expectations for successful sleep training during the window of actual teething (the few days before, during, and after tooth eruption ~ 8 days) should be lowered.

REMEMBER: Overtired babies do not handle discomfort (i.e. teething) well, so keeping them as well rested as we can is important. Overall, it is NEVER too late to start sleep training your child, whether before, during, or after the many bouts of teething they will experience the first few years of their life.

Helping your child learn and maintain healthy sleep habits in a loving and mindful way is just one way to encourage a deep bond. No matter which sleep training method you choose, we always encourage parents to use the pre-bedtime routine to snuggle up and enjoy their baby, including feeding or rocking – just not all the way to sleep.

Fussiness and crying during the sleep training is absolutely normal and not a bad thing! Crying is your child’s main form of communication when they are little, so objections by your little one during the sleep training process is absolutely normal!

Also, there are no studies that show sleep training to be detrimental to a child’s emotional well-being nor does it show any breaks in the child-parent bond. Actually, it shows the complete opposite! If you are interested in reading up on further research about the benefits of sleep training, send me an email at

This is very true! Many parents may resort to rocking and feeding to sleep, and other soothing techniques to get their babies to sleep – which is always a great time to bond! However, this can lead to some serious sleep deprivation once you are beyond the newborn stage.  Sleep deprivation to that degree is not good for anyone, especially parents dealing with postpartum anxiety, depression and anger.

That is a BIG no! This method, also known as extinction, has been tied directly to sleep training for YEARS, and even though there may be reasons why certain families may choose this method, this is NOT the only method. There are around 10 sleep training methods that I recommend for my clients, and I choose one or two based off your preferences as a parent and your little one’s temperament.

Depending on what package you choose, I can be there for as little or for as much support as you and your little one needs! I will always supply your family with a customized sleep plan and depending on the package you choose, I will be available for phone calls, in-app direct voice and text messaging support, and even virtual and in-home support for those mamas that are really in need of a lot of hand-holding! The choice is yours mama!

At the end of the day, my main goal is to help you not only get through the sleep training process BUT actually enjoy it and gain some life-changing knowledge! I will be your NUMBER 1 cheerleader and supporter!


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