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Newborn Sleep Guide

All of my secrets for creating a solid and healthy foundation of sleep for your newborn without the use of formal sleep training.

Let's get real about newborn sleep for a second

Newborn sleep is very erratic. Since newborns have an underdeveloped circadian rhythm and are making huge adjustments to life outside of the womb, they have different sleep goals when compared to babies older than 4 months old! 

Also, since newborns need outside regulation from mom (and/or dad) to maintain normal body rhythms, to succeed in nursing, and to increase the mother-infant bond, this guide focuses on practicing healthy sleep habits WITHOUT the need of formal sleep training.

This is why I created the Newborn Sleep Guide. 

To meet newborns where they are at developmentally in their sleep patterns while also supporting parents who want to focus on implementing healthy sleep habits for their littles from day one.

stressing about your newborn's sleep?

It doesn't have to be that way

our newborn sleep guide can help!

Whether you are a new or seasoned mama, this sleep guide was created to support you and your baby during the newborn stage, by promoting gentle sleep tactics that your newborn can carry on into infancy and toddlerhood!

This guide is for you if you are…

imagine this…

Having a clear idea of how to organize your newborn’s days by following ACTIONABLE steps that are easy to follow.

Ditching the overwhelm and stress about sleep and instead focusing on what you can actually control.

Enjoying the snuggles and cat naps with your newborn while also practicing independent sleep using your own easy-to-read guide that perfectly laid out to conquer one sleep struggle at a time.


the reviews

This newborn guide has been a game-changer in my newborn's sleep!
As a first time mom, you think that your newborn will just sleep all the time and go down easily. Well, that wasn’t the case for us. This guide gave us insight to a healthy sleep routine for our son and she has been so much happier ever since! I would definitely recommend!

the guide

Each of our 10 detailed sections include in-depth descriptions on how to get your newborn sleeping better with key points at the end of each section to help summarize the most important points. 


the reviews

This guide was all we needed to help our second child become a sleep machine.
We decided to purchase this guide right before my baby's due date to start educating ourselves on all things newborn sleep - and I am so glad we did!


Meet Amber From Sleep-A-Bye Baby

Hello there!  My name is Amber and I am a Pediatric Sleep Consultant, NICU Nurse, and most importantly, a mama of two! When my second son arrived on the scene I felt a confidence I had never experienced with my first. I ACTUALLY KNEW WHAT TO DO!! I had been an established sleep consultant, and I was fully confident in how to make sleep a priority, from the beginning. 

That baby boy is now 2 years old and has slept 11-12 hours a night since 3 months old.

Now, you can have this same feeling too!!! After working with many families, I found myself teaching and saying the same things every single day. When I was able to back it up with my experience with my own newborn, it all clicked! 

Inside this Newborn Sleep guide, you’ll find step-by-step methods to develop a consistent bedtime routine, understand awake windows, gain confidence in how to handle night wakings and more!!

Don’t believe the lies that you won’t ever sleep again after becoming a mom. It’s not true!!

Are you ready to start making sleep a thing from Day 1? I’m ready and waiting! Let’s do this, together!


frequently asked questions

The techniques and tips in this course are for newborns 0-16 weeks. Remember, the sooner you start these techniques the more natural of a process it will be!

No, the Newborn Sleep Guide does not involve sleep training. In fact, your baby is not capable of self-soothing! Inside the Newborn Sleep Guide you won’t hear me talk of letting baby cry for extended periods of time. Newborns are very needy and rightly so! Instead of sleep training from birth, we’re starting to shape how your baby understands sleep. Working on appropriate awake times, starting nap and bedtime routines, practicing independent sleep, and gaining confidence on how to help baby fall asleep.

Upon purchase, you have lifetime access to this PDF. Make sure to download it and keep it handy throughout the newborn stage! 

I only offer 1:1 sleep support from 4 months to 3 years of age. This is because my 1:1 sleep support involves formal sleep training which I do NOT recommend for the newborn stage. However, once you have implemented all of the techniques in this newborn guide and are wanting 1:1 sleep training support after the newborn stage, there are infant and toddler packages available for purchase in my sleep support tab.

the reviews

Amber's newborn sleep guide helped me tremendously with my newborn while juggling two toddlers.
This guide helped me to focus on what my newborn needed without the pressure of sleep training. It was also a very cost effective way to learn about my baby's sleep while implementing the guide's sleep tips on my own time.
- Megan V.

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Newborn Sleep Guide

  • Get all of my secrets to creating a solid and healthy foundation of sleep for your newborn without the use of formal sleep training.

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