The Newborn Guide


At a glance, The Newborn Guide is:

  • A self-paced in-depth PDF guide
  • All about setting up healthy sleep habits for your newborn from day 1 of life
  • Low-pressure sleep practice without the need for formal sleep training
  • Geared for babies aged 0-16 weeks old

This Newborn Sleep Guide includes:

  • Chapter 1: Newborn Sleep Goals
  • Chapter 2: The Basics of Newborn Sleep
  • Chapter 3: Specific Timing and Routines
  • Chapter 4: Cues & Crying
  • Chapter 5: Common Newborn Sleep Troubles
  • Chapter 6: Soothing Techniques
  • Chapter 7: Sleep Hygiene
  • Chatper 8: All About Night Sleep
  • Chapter 9: All About Day Sleep
  • Chapter 10: Other Sleep Resources

the votes are in!

This guide is detailed but also straight to the point.
It gives you enough explanation for you to understand why our children go through so many things their first five years of life; but not too much to where you are overwhelmed with loads of info! I needed something I could keep close by when my two toddlers and infant started losing sleep! And this is IT.
– Brianna S.
A game-changer in my newborn’s sleep!
As a first time mom, you think that your newborn will just sleep all the time and go down easily. Well, that wasn’t the case for us. This guide gave us insight to a healthy sleep routine for our son and she has been so much happier ever since! I would definitely recommend!
– Sarah S.
All we needed to help our second child.
This sleep guide was all we needed to help our second child become a sleep machine! We decided to purchase this guide right before my baby’s due date to start educating ourselves on all things newborn sleep – and I am so glad we did!
– Natalie V.

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