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Educating families on all things baby sleep through in-depth PDF guides that are self-paced and affordable.

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You're A New Mama Who Needs Extra Support Establishing Sleep Foundations With Your Little One

Sleep-A-Bye Baby was born out of my passion to help new families through the same struggles I endured as a new mama. With a focus on evidence-based and holistic sleep plans, parents will feel reassured in their child’s sleep journey and gain confidence in themselves to become the best version of themselves for their family.

As an NICU nurse and pediatric sleep consultant with two boys under the age of two, I have experience connecting with and supporting new mothers through this process. I offer mamas like you evidence-based research on pediatric sleep and educate you on why sleep is so important for your child’s development.

I offer DIY sleep plans formulated specifically for your child’s temperament and sleep philosophy in mind. Our main goal is to set a solid sleep foundation for the child. When your child sleeps better, so do you.

We’re here to support you and your little one through evidence-based sleep support.

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    The Newborn Guide

    At a glance, The Newborn Guide is:

    • A self-paced in-depth PDF guide
    • All about setting up healthy sleep habits for your newborn from day 1 of life
    • Low-pressure sleep practice without the need for formal sleep training
    • Geared for babies aged 0-16 weeks old
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the reviews

Now they are sleeping through the night and are able to put themselves back to sleep independently.
Amber is absolutely amazing! She gave me the support and the courage I needed to sleep train both of my girls. Now they are sleeping through the night and are able to put themselves back to sleep independently. I’m amazed! Thank you Amber!
- Madison
Within a week, my baby could put himself to sleep and his constant fussiness disappeared!
My newborn had just turned 8-weeks old when I found Amber on instagram. At this point, I was getting around 2 hrs of sleep a night and my baby was inconsolable! I reached out to her and I ended up taking the plunge into this sleep training thing. I am so thankful for all that Amber has done!
- Catherine
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The Sleep Survival Guide

Whether you are a new or seasoned mama, this sleep guide was created to support you and your baby during the newborn stage, by promoting gentle sleep tactics that your newborn can carry on into infancy and toddlerhood!

This guide is for you if you are:

  • Pregnant and looking to get ahead of the game and study up on newborn sleep
  • A new mama who needs extra support establishing sleep foundations with your newborn
  • A seasoned parent with amazing older sibling sleepers who is now like “what the heck!?” with your new little bundle’s sleep
  • Any parent who simply wants to set their newborn up for successful sleep that will last a lifetime
  • A support person (father, grandmother, grandfather, bestie, auntie, etc.) who is wanting to give the gift of sleep to a mama close to your heart

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